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Welcome to our Homepage !!
This is travel company in Sugito-mati Kitakatsushika-gun Saitama.
We specialize in anything from discount tickets to package tours including insurance services.
Of course, private or group arrangements can also be made.
Please feel free to consult with us if you have any questions.
For more details please contact us directly by telephone or email.

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Domestic Travel
@ We are specially experienced in domestic family vacations, small group, tailor-made trips in domestic travel.
In addition, Awe also travel arrangements of hiking-club' buses and courses, welfare-group, group of pilgrim (Shikoku Saigoku Bandou etc)
One day trip
EJanFFirst visits of the year for Narita-san(every year)
Accommodation trip


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International Travel
@We travel arrangements of better one in case of the overseas
Information for foreign affaies
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Head office ง345-0025
‚U|‚P‚X|‚P‚T Seiji Sugito-mati Kitakatushika-gun Saitama-pre Japan
Telephone 0480-32-8007
Mail address tkk.co.ltd@tobu-kotu-kanko.biz

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